What is TNR?


Leonard, showing off his stylish ear-tip.

TNR is a non-lethal solution to feral cat overpopulation. Cats are humanely trapped, fixed, vaccinated, and returned to their original homes to live out their lives.

Feral cats are also ear-tipped so they are easily identifiable if trapped again, so they may be released immediately.

Ear tipping is a universal symbol for TNR cats. Approximately 1/4″ is removed from the cat’s ear at the time of surgery.

Advantages of TNR

Colony size decreases as cats are sterilized. That means less unwanted kittens and fewer cats killed in shelters.

Screeching, fighting, and spraying are eliminated.

Cats are vaccinated against rabies.


Feral cats will continue to live their lives in their natural habitat — the beautiful outdoors — where they’ve been living happily for the past 10,000 years.

Our Partnership with EPAA

The Eastern Pennsylvania Animal Alliance is a low-cost spay-neuter veterinary service that operates from a mobile clinic at locations throughout the area. When parked at St. Cat’s Nay Aug Zoo facility, the EPAA spays, neuters, and vaccinates trapped ferals and provides similar services for our adoptable cats as well.


The EPAA mobile clinic at the Zoo

Spay/neuter cost for feral/free-roaming cats is $35 and includes ear tip and rabies vaccine.

Spay/neuter cost for household pet cats is $60 and includes rabies and distemper vaccines.

Spay/neuter cost for dogs varies by gender and size.

For more detailed information and to find out when the clinic is in your area and make an appointment, please visit and click the link to make an appointment.